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Waiilatpu STS Spice


American Alpine        dob:  3-01-08   

  Dark Chamoisee 




Spice - 1st freshening 2-year-old

Sire: *B Brandt's CFS Set The Style                       
S: +*B Clovertop's Fire Starter 

      SS: ++*B Sweet Dreams Wildfire
      SD: GCH Clovertop's Gene Sashay

D: GCH Brandt's Lil Summer 2*M

      DS: Hoach's HD Aristocrat
      DD: GCH Brandt's A Lil Sammy *M



Dam: Waiilatpu WRAT Celeste 88VEVE  (full sister to Cherish  LA 90 VEVE)       
S: *B Willow Run Abraham Tsavo (spotlight sale buck)
     SS: +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham

     SD: SG Willabelle Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M

D: SG Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherabim
     DS: *B Waiilatpu Newbold Gabe
     DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Newbolds No Angel 3*M


Spice has the quietest and kindest personality

 She learned to lead in 2 seconds because she WANTS to be right next to you.  She's never pushy and always minds her own space...she just wants to be near you.  She hops up on the stand joyfully for her daily grooming and never has given a fuss.  We value temperament highly, and can't imagine finding a better one anywhere.  Spice is so sweet and kind, we want her to be enjoyed and loved on every day. 


Spice has freshed with a beautiful, beautiful udder!  Her attachement area is large, teats are of excellent size & placement for milking, and her udder is soft and creamy.  She is just a dream to milk, her milk just flows.  At 14#/day as a 2nd freshening/ 3-year-old.  We are so pleased with her udder size, shape and texture - as well as that of her daughters - her 2011 son STYLIN', has been retained.


This lovely girl is from the very succesful Waiilatpu C dam line with the inclusion of the Spotlight Sale buck *B Willow Run Abraham Tsavo, own son of +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham.  Spice is sired by their great +*B Clovertop's Fire Starter son, *B Brandt's CFS Set The Style and o/o of the very special doe GCH Brandt's Lil Summer 2*M

.  There is a really strong pedigree behind Spice for both milk and show.


She is very special to us as a milker and brood-doe.  Spice's 1st doe, Sinnamon - is absolutely exceptional.  Long, upstanding, board level and an outstanding set of feet & legs.  We think she should make a lovely show doeling.

**UPDATE** Sinnamon was the GRAND CHAMPION Jr Alpine at her 1st show!!!  Where she earned her dry leg defeating tough competition.

(Sinnamon went on to produce our BEST 2011 DOE KID ~ SHAM WOW!)




2011 UPDATE: Spice freshened with TRIPLETS.  She is already incredibly productive, again she has developed a beautiful udder that is soft & creamy to milk.   14#/day

Spice's dam
Waiilatpu WRAT Celeste 88VEVE

SG Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherabim DAM
GCH Waiilatpu Newbolds No Angel 3*M 91 EEEE

SG Willabelle Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M - daughter
GCH Willow Run Apache Josefina 3*M 92 EEEE


Scott Zwiefel
957 Hwy 12    Roberts, Wisconsin  54023
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Photos courtesy of Redwood Hills, Munchin'Hill, Zwiefel, Waiilatpu, Kara Kahl, Missdee's, Hulls Alpine Dairy, Soldier-Mtn, Roeburns,Steven Pope, PJ Bailey's and others.