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2017 / 2018
Breeding / Kidding Season


Due to people not holding up their word and/or honoring our contracts AND because it seems that people start behaving inappropriately when you stop doing them favors....  we are no longer offering the following:
*  Payment Terms
Yes, that means NO animals may leave until paid in full
*  Transportation or partial payment for private shipping
*  Semen storage
*  On site breedings without Original HC/CVI paperwork
*  Personal Checks
*  Discounts for:
         DHIA - Showing - 4H - LA - etc....
Again - we apologize, so many of you have been wonderful to work with.  
And as always - If you don't love the your goat upon seeing them in person for the first time and you contact us to let us know....  we will (& always have) offer(ed) to replace them!  Usually people come to pick up their kid and end up taking home extra!!!  To date we have only ever replaced 1 animal in the 10 years we have been doing this.  We only ask you let us know within 10 days of their arrival. 



  Doe   Covering Sire Special Notes Reserved / Retained  
  SG Waiilatpu STS Spice -                                2x Top 10,  2015 Top Ten - Production #3, Butterfat #6 and Protein #7.   Retired Top Ten doe    
  Xtraordindairy Sticks N Stones   *B Xtraordindairy CA Filthy Rich Rimrock x Spice 1D    
  Xtraordindairy TAPR Saffron   *B Soldier-Mtn HKK Covert Action Pacific Rim x Spice    
  Xtraordindairy JCJ Retsina     *B Tempo Aquila Pacific Rim Juanted x Ripasso 2D  
  Xtraordindairy RHXB Renatta   *B Tempo Aquila Pacific Rim Backlash x Ripasso 1D    
  Xtraordindairy PR ILuvDiamonds   *B Xtraordindairy CA Filthy Rich Pacific Rim x RighGirl 1D    
  Xtraordindairy WRV Margarita   *B Tempo Aquila Pacific Rim Vesuvius x Mirage 1D    
  SG Soldier-Mtn RHRS Sands Of Time -  Top Ten 2015 Production #4, Butterfat #8 and Protein #8.   *B Soldier-Mtn HKK Covert Action Top Ten doe Does FULL  
  SG Soldier-Mtn RHRS Chanel Noir -           Top Ten 2015 Production #1, Butterfat #1 and Protein #2 (missed #1 by one pound).    *B Tempo Aquila Pacific Rim ALL TIME ALPINE PRODUCTION RECORD HOLDER

Bucks FULL


  Soldier-Mtn SMFA Cover Girl   *B Tempo Aquila Pacific Rim Chanel daughter

Bucks FULL


  Buffalo Trace KS Zilver   *B Xtraordindairy CA Filthy Rich      
  Tempo Aquila Rimrock Tocati   *B Xtraordindairy CA Filthy Rich Rimrock x GCH Tempo Aquila Tocai EX92 1D    
  ASG Two Step Absolute   *B Xtraordindairy WRV Mobster Redwood Hills Free Two-Step x Soldier-Mtn Freelance Alibi


  Xtraordindairy SP Darkness Falls   Dry Solar Power x Chanel     
  Xtraordindairy CA Earthly Riches   Dry Covert Action x RichGirl    
  Xtraordindairy Shez Spicey   Dry Solar Power x Spice    
  Xtraordindairy Mob Boss Lady   Dry Mobster x Mesmerize    
All planned crosses subject to change at our discrection.
Group sales require 25% down.  Single sales require $100.00 deposit, except Chanel who requires a $500.00 deposit.
We reserve the right to retain any kid previously reserved.
We reserve the right to refuse any sale.
Please keep in mind the role MANAGEMENT plays in how your kid will grow up.  If you want them to grow up to be their best, you need to give them the best…..hay, grain, minerals, health maintenance program, etc.  While good genetics are important, caring for and supporting those genetics is the most important.

Kids flown out of MSP/STP Int'l Airport


Scott Zwiefel
957 Hwy 12    Roberts, Wisconsin  54023
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All Rights Reserved.
Photos courtesy of Redwood Hills, Munchin'Hill, Zwiefel, Waiilatpu, Kara Kahl, Missdee's, Hulls Alpine Dairy, Soldier-Mtn, Roeburns,Steven Pope, PJ Bailey's and others.