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Waiilatpu WC Cotton

 AA1456891       American Alpine      dob:  3- 01-08      Cou Blanc



Waiilatpu WC Cotton - 1st freshening 2-year-old

Sire: Willow Run Wonder Casino                        
S: *B
Willow Run Abraham Wonder
     SS: +*B
Willow Run Armand Abraham
     SD: GCH
Willow Run Rico Phenomenon 7*M

D: Willow Run Achieve Cassandra 8*M 

        2004 National Reserve Best Udder
     DS: ++*B Willow Run Rico Achievement
     DD: SG Maple Glen Classic's Chelois 7*M


Dam: Waiilatpu WRAT Cherish  LA 90 VEVE       
S: *B
Willow Run Abraham Tsavo
     SS: +*B Willow Run Armand Abraham

     SD: SG Willabelle Acres FJE Jaguar 2*M

D: SG Waiilatpu Gabe's Cherabim
DS: *B Waiilatpu Newbold Gabe
     DD: SGCH Waiilatpu Newbolds No Angel 3*M





She is a 'SUPERMODEL' and couldn't be any prettier if she tried...  just look at her!


Cotton is a stylish - long, uphill doe that walks with power and flair.  She stands on exceptional feet & legs and has tremendous spring of rib.  She demands your attention in the ring, and is one of our strongest show does.  She's easy to get along with as she is so agreeable and is always very enjoyable to show.  This doe hasn't been shown in 2009 since she already has her leg... but she is as snappy, long, stylish and smooth as ever!  She is just GORGEOUS!


Cotton has freshened with a beautiful udder.  She had a very difficult single kidding and is really just starting to come into her milk.  The shape of her udder is very similar to her dams, but with an even more exceptional medial suspensory ligament.  She is very easy to milk with her teat size and placement being ideal.  I look forward to what another freshening will bring....




In 2008:

Cotton earned her dry leg when she defeated 18 kids her 1st time out - and stood Grand Champion Jr Alpine at the ADGA sanctioned show @ Douglas County. 


A dead-ringer for her very accomplished show dam with an added splash of white up her side... and already a CHAMPION! Her dam, Cherish LA 90 VEVE was 2nd with 3rd udder at the ADGA Nationals in the yearling milker class in 2005.  And in 2008 Cherish was 1 X 1st, 2 X 2nd and 1 X BUOB. Another daughter, Carmelita was 4 X 1st, 2 X GCH and 3 X RGCH and 1 BUOB as a 3 year old. Carmelita finished her championship and went BDIS as well.



Her full sister, Waiilatpu WC Candy (pictured below), was sold to Illinois.  But was conditioned and shown by us with success.  She was Reserve Grand Champion Jr Alpine her 1st and only time out. 



2011:  Cotton freshened with beautiful TRIPLETS by Royal.  Her udder is beautiful and she is milking very strongly.  We look forward to showing her.


Cotton - Jr Alpine kid, winning GRAND CHAMPION Jr ALPINE

Cotton's full sister / littermate
Waiilatpu WC Candy - Reserve Champion Jr Alpine @ 1st show

Cotton's dam
Waiilatpu WRAT Cherish - LA 90 VEVE

Casino's - full brother
Willow Run Wonder Cingular

Casino's dam
Willow Run Achieve Cassandra 8*M 2004 National Reserve Best Udder


Cotton is bred to our new American buck:

 *B Soldier-Mtn Freelance Royal AI






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